Product Review – Poppy Divine

I am so excited to share this first product review with all of you as it is on one of my favourite sleepwear/leisure wear lines, Poppy Divine.

I first fell in love with Poppy Divine when I was pregnant. I felt huge and uncomfortable and I was outgrowing my normal pre pregnancy clothes quickly. I was gifted a couple of garments from a dear friend. It came at just the right time as I literally lived in these clothes for the remainder of my pregnancy! 

The first couple of garments I had remain my most comfy casual winter pants. While pregnant, they just fit no matter how I grew. They were (and continue to be) extremely flattering! Although elasticized around the waist, the are lose fitting around the legs – which I LOVE! 

I then got two of their cardigans. The grey shades go beautifully with anything in your wardrobe, whether you’re wearing neutral colours or a pop of colour. They are extremely comfortable and warm even though they are open in the front. These can be worn in the comfort of your own home, with a casual pair of jeans or even for an evening out. I loved these because my preggy belly had space to pop out. 

I spent my entire labour in my amazing pants which I first mentioned. I then changed into my pink winter nightie after the birth which was the most comfy thing I could have possibly been in at that time. It was perfect for the frequent breastfeeding and remains to be as it has buttons. I’m secretly excited that winter has returned so I can wear it again at night! 

My new favourites are my summer garments which I will be keeping safe for the return of the warm summer nights. I just love the soft, light fabrics used in all of their garments as well as the feminine touches of lace. 

The Poppy Divine range is timeless and appropriate no matter what age you are. 

The fact that I have enjoyed the comfort of the SAME garments I lived in while pregnant even 10 months postpartum says it all. 

You can view their latest range on their Facebook page:

There you can also find the list of stores that stock Poppy Divine nearest to you. I dare you to go and have a look, and I promise you – once you’ve tried it on, it ain’t coming off! 

You’re welcome. 
Please note that the photos in this post are my own. These garments are not their latest range.