Product Review – NUK South Africa


Like all things while preparing for your babies arrival, shopping around for ‘the perfect’ product is extremely overwhelming! I remember back to when I first found out I was pregnant. I was so excited to finally have the excuse to go and have a look at all the different things available for babies!

I had been Au pairing one year old twins when I found out I was expecting! I thought I was super clued up on all of the different brands and products! Well, was I surprised when I walked into Baby City! I was overwhelmed, confused, and extremely nauseous from my morning sickness (maybe also from the aisles and aisles of things I had no clue even existed).

I constantly had people telling me which products to use and not to use! And it really got confusing after a while! One person tells you that a brand is terrible and that her little one never took to a certain dummy, yet another tells you it is the only brand they will ever use! I ended up with a variety of different brands (thanks to my baby shower) and decided I would go with the trial and error technique.

Since my son was born, we have been extremely lucky to have a baby who is pretty much content with a range of different brands. The one brand that we have stuck with is NUK. The reason being that the quality of the NUK products we use are phenomenal! The first product we used of NUK was the dummies. We were so relieved that he took to a dummy as many babies don’t! Their dummy designs are super cute and practical. I love the colours they have available.

We also use the NUK Sippy cup which is great for training your little one to drink from a bottle themselves! My son learnt extremely quickly, and he loves the independence of being able to hold his own bottle. They are easy to clean, and also have a really cute range of colours and patterns for boys and girls! My newest favourite is the navy blue, metallic Jungle Book NUK Sippy cup. They are a must have!

NUK kindly provided me with the Weaning Set. It consists of a Soft Feeding Spoon and a Soft Feeding Fork (which is fantastic for your little one to learn the skill of the self-feeding motion), a bowl and a plate. I love that they have a non-slip base, which makes feeding time easier, mess free (or should I say less of a mess) and less stressful!

My son started eating solids from 6 months old, and I have always made his own puree for him. He is now 10 months old, and is so eager to feed himself – so I let him. But, I like that I can put his food in a bowl as I believe it is a great skill for them to have to reach into the bowl and take out the item of food they are going to be eating. This way, it isn’t as easy for them to fling their bowl along with their food onto the floor. The colours are great – a shocking blue, purple and red which is an instant attraction to not only a young eye, but to an adult too. The plate has dividers (as seen in the below photo) which is awesome for mixing up a snack. TIP: Babies get bored of eating the same thing – try and give them a variety of healthy foods to snack on. For example, depending on the age of your little one – I give my son some cut up fruit, some fresh veggies cut up, and seeds/biltong/chickpeas (protein). This keeps them interested and helps them finish what is on their plate.

Their complete weaning range consists of Food Pots, Cutlery Set, Snack Pots (which are great to take along in the car or when out shopping , you can fill it up with a snack like Popcorn and they can’t spill. It also keeps them occupied and happy for ages), Food Pots (I have been so grateful these exist with being a Mom who makes and freezes my sons puree! They are portion size, and so easy to just take out and defrost), Masher & Bowl and the Weaning Set.

I highly recommend this range as it has been a great investment in my home. Your little one will use these products for ages and they will make your life easier, and less messy! Instead of meal time being something you dread, it will be a perfect time to bond with your little go-getter! And it will help with fussy eaters!

You can see NUK’s full range of products here:

NUK Weaning Set

NUK Weaning Set


Product Review: Mina Moo and Baby

Product Review:
I eagerly awaited the arrival of the garments I was so generously given to review from Mina Moo and Baby. Two days later it arrived on my doorstep beautifully packaged. I couldn’t wait to rip it open to see what was inside!
I was able to choose the designs I wanted for the Snoodi, Dribble bib and a Dummy clip for my 10 month old son.
I must admit, I have never been an indecisive person, but I genuinely was so in love with all of them, it wasn’t an easy decision! Mina Moo Baby doesn’t have a large range of designs to choose from – but they had just enough not to leave my brain in a ramble! There is something for every little girl or boy.
I tore open the packaging, and was immediately drawn to the phenomenal quality of the products. I sat there feeling it for ages. I was even tempted to wake my son up from his nap to try it all on him! The products are practical and a necessity for a baby.
The Snoodi is my new favourite MUST have for my little one. With his neck exposed in this icy wind – I can’t think of anything more genius!
Mina Moo Baby has extremely trendy designs which I love. I have never believed in dressing my kid older than what he is – but I find that a lot of clothing available at the local stores are extremely babyish (which don’t get me wrong, is cute too!) and I have fun dressing him up as a little dude with style. However, they have something for everyone.

I chose the Retro spaceships dribble bib and the matching dummy clip, and the Geometrical print snoodi.

These products would make an amazing baby shower gift! I plan to spoil my friends who are Momma’s-to-be with some Mina Moo and Baby products in the future! I can highly recommend them!

I love that these must have items are affordable! It isn’t often that you find something of such great quality that doesn’t break the bank anymore. I have always avoided common stores for myself, because I don’t enjoy walking past someone wearing the same clothing or accessories as me. So, I really like that my son isn’t wearing what hundreds of other babies are wearing!

Mina Moo and Baby products are made from 100% cotton. If your baby is anything like mine when teething – you need a cupboard full of bibs. I have to wash them on a daily basis and sadly, many of them fade and get destroyed. At least this way I know, no matter how many times they need to be washed – the quality will remain the same!

The Dummy Clip is an essential in my household. I used to spend ages hunting down my sons dummies at once a day. This way, at night you can easily find them in their cot, or when your little one is fussing it can’t go far. I don’t know about you – but in the first 2 months (before I discovered dummy clips) I lost two dummies when we were at the mall! This way they can’t get lost overboard, and it is also more hygienic as they don’t get dropped on the floor all day long. This may even save you your sanity as it has for me!

I love to support local businesses! Especially Moms who have done such a phenomenal job in making an income for their families!

Mina Moo Baby has an online shopping option on their website: where they do shipping and delivery. This means that if you live overseas, this product is for you, too! The website is easy to use, stylish and an absolute pleasure to browse around.

You can like their Facebook page in order to keep up with promotions, competitions and to see a list of stockists close to you!

Yasmina, the genius behind the brand is just divine to deal with. I wish I could give her a huge hug and congratulate her on such a fresh take on baby products. I am officially obsessed!

Thank you, Mina Moo and Baby for restoring my faith in the future of my sons fashion sense.

-L x

Giveaway – Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace 

Good Afternoon, Momma’s! 

Please go over to our Facebook page to see our exciting first giveaway! We are giving one lucky winner a Baltic Amber Baby Teething necklace AND a matching bracelet. 

Competition closes Sunday 28 June at 16h00 and the winner will be announced Monday 29 June. 
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Good luck!

– L

Product Giveaway! 

We are so excited to announce that we have joined up with Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklace to be doing our very first giveaway! We will run the competition once our Facebook page hits the 150 like mark. Head on over to our page here: and we will be one like closer to our giveaway and YOU might just be our lucky winner. 

Please go to: to view theirfull range of products. You won’t be disappointed. 
– L


Product Review – Poppy Divine

I am so excited to share this first product review with all of you as it is on one of my favourite sleepwear/leisure wear lines, Poppy Divine.

I first fell in love with Poppy Divine when I was pregnant. I felt huge and uncomfortable and I was outgrowing my normal pre pregnancy clothes quickly. I was gifted a couple of garments from a dear friend. It came at just the right time as I literally lived in these clothes for the remainder of my pregnancy! 

The first couple of garments I had remain my most comfy casual winter pants. While pregnant, they just fit no matter how I grew. They were (and continue to be) extremely flattering! Although elasticized around the waist, the are lose fitting around the legs – which I LOVE! 

I then got two of their cardigans. The grey shades go beautifully with anything in your wardrobe, whether you’re wearing neutral colours or a pop of colour. They are extremely comfortable and warm even though they are open in the front. These can be worn in the comfort of your own home, with a casual pair of jeans or even for an evening out. I loved these because my preggy belly had space to pop out. 

I spent my entire labour in my amazing pants which I first mentioned. I then changed into my pink winter nightie after the birth which was the most comfy thing I could have possibly been in at that time. It was perfect for the frequent breastfeeding and remains to be as it has buttons. I’m secretly excited that winter has returned so I can wear it again at night! 

My new favourites are my summer garments which I will be keeping safe for the return of the warm summer nights. I just love the soft, light fabrics used in all of their garments as well as the feminine touches of lace. 

The Poppy Divine range is timeless and appropriate no matter what age you are. 

The fact that I have enjoyed the comfort of the SAME garments I lived in while pregnant even 10 months postpartum says it all. 

You can view their latest range on their Facebook page:

There you can also find the list of stores that stock Poppy Divine nearest to you. I dare you to go and have a look, and I promise you – once you’ve tried it on, it ain’t coming off! 

You’re welcome. 
Please note that the photos in this post are my own. These garments are not their latest range. 

Motherhood – you’re a rollercoaster ride!  

Motherhood – what a roller coaster ride! The emotions never seem to end. The sleepless nights lead to drawn out, never ending days which consist of a crabby child, piled up dishes and laundry, having toys you keep as back up for moments like these whacked out of your hand which is followed by the sound of crying – this time not only from the two teary eyes staring back at you but also streaming down your own face. 

Then you get the times where your child is finally back into their routine, is sleeping through the night, playing so nicely in the day – leaving you with the time you need to get chores done, some time to yourself and is EVEN taking their day time naps. Today is one of those. 
BUT, funnily enough – all it takes is a face like this one to melt your heart and to instantly send you into a fit of giggles no matter how bad the day has been. And it serves as a reminder that tomorrow is another day. 

Motherhood is a confusing thing! Sometimes I feel like the worst mother in the world, and then his little arms reach out to me and I know I’m doing just fine.  You love them so much it hurts, yet sometimes they make you want to scream out of frustration. One thing I know for sure is that this kid has the cutest ‘ugly’ face on the block. And it makes me so proud knowing he’s mine. 

Teething Blues

As exciting as it is knowing that your little one will soon be showing off their new fancy pearly whites it can also be a torturous time for not only the parents but for the baby themselves. 

Reaching this new milestone for the first time is a fantastic yet bittersweet achievement. It means that they are growing up! But for some babies it comes with not so pleasant side effects. As with all things – all babies are different. For some they will experience all symptoms and for others little or even none! 

For Olly we experienced the following: 


-he started waking up almost every hour at night! 

-serious crabiness

-slight change in appetite (although it sure didn’t disappear!)

We were lucky that he never had diarrhea, fever, nappy rash, etc! These symptoms have and often do get mistaken for teething though. So especially if a fever – consult a doctor as it’s not something that should be self diagnosed with! 

Finally a couple weeks later and he has his first two teeth to show off. Well you can only see one so far but the second has cut through and we are finally getting some sleep at night again. Phew!! 

To all the parents with teething bubs – I wish you luck and strength. See you again at 3am 😉 


Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Being a mom is a demanding job and we don’t always get the time we need to look after ourselves the way we did before we had our babies! For many of us, exercise means trying to find a chance to leave the house for an hour to get to gym which never ends up happening more than once or twice a week. 

We think that trying to find time to work out from home is next to impossible – but when you experiment with working out WITH bubs you may be in for a surprise. 

I was amazed to see how much my 9 month old son enjoyed being apart of my workout routine – and I must say his extra 8kg’s sure did add the extra challenge. I wish I had started sooner after he was born. 


Olly was a big baby at birth and I was really fortunate to have the natural birth I had really wished for. I was BIG when I was full term though. From my before tiny build, truly accepting and loving my postpartum body was a challenge for me at first. 


We are and always will be our own biggest critic. It was only recently that it hit me – our bodies go through the most magical process when pregnant! We made a little miracle after all! We birthed these tiny beings and brought them into this world! Our bodies needed to go through that change to make that possible and to keep our baby and ourselves safe. When I met my son – I understood that this was all worthwhile. 


I am a young mom! And you always think that someone is judging you. But who cares? I have come to love my body because I can stare into my sons big blue eyes every single day. My body will never be the same as what it was – but it can be better someday. 

 Remember to take some time for yourselves, Mommies! You have the most demanding job in the world and you deserve to feel good about yourself. Pinterest has amazing workouts that you can do with your little one(s) for their different ages. 


Go and have some fun. Love yourself by looking after yourself. 

~L x

Welcome to The Momma Blogga

Welcome to my blog!

I am a first time Momma to a gorgeous 9 month old boy. He truly is the love of my life. As all Moms know – as beautiful as being a Mom is, the title comes with many an obstacle. Here’s to sharing my journey with you – a little humour to brighten the sleep deprived nights, some passion when you feel you are unable to go on and some product advice when there are just far too many options on the shelf especially when you  have a crying baby on one hip and a moaning toddler begging for every second thing they lay their eyes on.

Thanks for stumbling by my page. I can’t wait to share this life with you.

~L x